What does AFLEWO stand for?

AFLEWO is an acronym that stands for Africa Let’s Worship (AFLEWO).

What is the AFLEWO Vision?

AFLEWO vision is to stir up hope in Jesus through annual events of worship in music and prayer from a united front of the church across Africa.

What is the AFLEWO mission statememt?

Uniting in Worship

When is AFLEWO 2014 ?

AFLEWO 2014 will be held on October 24th, 2014 at Winners’ Chapel Mombasa Road from 6 pm.

How do I get to Winners’ Chapel Msa Road ?

Winners’ Chapel Msa Rd is located on Likoni Road off Mombasa Road. You can take any matatu plying Mombasa Road and alight at Airtel Park Side towers stage. Walk backwards to the junction of Likoni Road or alternatively use Likoni Road from Industrial Area. The church is located right opposite Balozi Estate in South B. A South B matatu no 11 plying on that route will drop you at the gate. Transport will be available at fee from Nairobi’s CBD (Kencom) to the venue on the day. Look out for more details on our social media pages..

Are there any gate charges for AFLEWO 2014 ?

AFLEWO events are free-events with no charges.

Can I join the choir ?

AFLEWO 2014 choir registration is CLOSED. Registration for 2015 will be communicated once it opens.

Can I volunteer to support AFLEWO 2014?

Recruitment for volunteers for AFLEWO 2014 support is closed.

Can I sing/perform in AFLEWO 2014?

AFLEWO events do not feature artists/guests other than the AFLEWO choir on the event night. The choir leads the congregation in worship led by various worship leaders.

Are there other AFLEWO chapters other than Nairobi?

AFLEWO currently has 5 local chapters in Kenya and two chapters in Africa. In Kenya, AFLEWO is present in Nyeri, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru and Meru. In Africa, AFLEWO has hosted events in Kigali, Rwanda and Dare-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Plans are in place to host AFLEWO 2014 in Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Congo and Burundi.

Can I support AFLEWO 2014 financially?

Yes. You can support AFLEWO 2014 financially by contributing via MPESA Number 0720302036 or visiting our offices at Daystar University, DUAA office Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm.

How do I contact AFLEWO?

You can contact AFLEWO through sending an email to info@aflewo.com or via our facebook fan page: AFLEWO( Africa Let’s Worship) or twitter handle: @AFLEWO or visiting our offices at Daystar Universoty, Valley Rd Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm.

Can I have the AFLEWO ‘album’ or recording of 2014 or past events?

Currently AFLEWO does not produce ‘albums’ or recordings for commercial purposes. AFLEWO sings songs in the public domain as well songs written by various artists. Sing Africa the ministry under which AFLEWO operates handles all commercial recordings and or sales.

When will AFLEWO come to Kisumu, Eldoret, etc?

AFLEWO has an expansion department that deals with setting up in scouting and setting up new chapters in opportunities in line with the AFLEWO vision. Typically, AFLEWO connects with local pastors and worship leaders of a particular area e.g. Kisumu by envisioning them on the AFLEWO vision. Once envisioning is complete and satisfactorily, AFLEWO expansion group will assist the envisioned pastors to host an AFLEWO event.

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